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Visitor Centers and starting points

Langsua National Park offer many starting points along the protected areas where you can park your car and get information for your visit. Most have great vistas and a picnic area, as well as short and long hiking trails. Mountain roads are open from the beginning of June until snowfall in late October. During winter you will find starting points for skiing, snowshoeing and dog sledding along the perimeter of the area. Recreational use of snowmobiles is not allowed.


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Langsua National Park – Management
Vestringsvegen 4, Segalstad bru
2651 Østre Gausdal, Norway
E: morten.liebe@statsforvalteren.no
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Title Address Description
Langsua nasjonalpark
Langsua nasjonalpark, 2653, Gausdal, Norge
Kittilbu utmarksmuseum
Svendsrudvegen 8, 2653 Vestre Gausdal, Norge
Fv204 1250, 2653 Vestre Gausdal, Norge
Fv204 1, 2880 Nord-torpa, Norge
Lenningsvegen 1307, 2890 Etnedal, Norge
Svarthamarvegen 2643, 2890 Etnedal, Norge
Storeskag 1, 2940 Heggenes, Norge
Bjødnhølen 3, 2953 Beitostølen, Norge
Jotunheimvegen 961, 2643 Skåbu, Norge
Storhølivegen 662, 2643 Skåbu, Norge
Espedalsvegen 1951, 2658 Espedalen, Norge
Unnamed Road,2657, 2657 Svatsum, Norge

Kittilbu Mountain Museum – National park visitor center

At Kittilbu you can learn that Hynna Nature Reserve once was an area of extensive bog iron production, and study how the iron was made. And you can learn that a century ago, the mountain farms used so much firewood for cheese making that they were urged to burn peat instead to conserve the birch forest. You can learn about how nature protection in Langsua National Park actually started up in 1938 when a small remnant of primeval forest was discovered in Mount Ormtjernkampen. In 1968 Ormtjernkampen National Park became Norway´s third and smallest national park. And there is so much more to learn – come visit! Open in summer, mid June to end August.


Holsbru starting point

Old forests and a beautiful river valley greet you at Holsbru. The peak of Mt. Ormtjernkampen can easily be reached, and other ridges as well. See the beautiful Holsfossen waterfall, and hike along the Dokkelva river or in the forest directly from the information point. Or stay overnight in the beautiful Dokkfaret valley, where you can hike into the national park. You can camp along the lakes, walk to Vestfjellhytta (The Norwegian trekking organisation) self-service cabin, drive or bike to Liomseter lodge, or rent a cabin from Gausdal Mountain Board. Maybe try your luck at fishing in the river or the many lakes? Closed in winter.


Storlægerplassen and Oppsjøkrysset starting points

This is two starting points for hikes to the Røssjøkollane Ridge from the summer road between Gausdal and Valdres. At the ridge you can choose among several peaks with splendid views in all directions. You can also try your luck at fishing in the small Lake Røssjøkolltjernet, and even stay overnight at Torpa Mountain Board´s cabin (book in advance). Closed in winter.

Lenningen starting point

From here you will have a stunning view into the southern part of Langsua national park, with glimpses of the high peaks of Jotunheimen in the background. From here you can follow the DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association) trail north to Liomseter lodge and further. Or maybe stay and try your luck at fishing in the nearby lakes. In winter you can go skiing, snowshoeing or take your team of dogs on great sledding trips through the snow-clad landscape. Parking place and information point will be ready summer 2024. Accommodation can be found at Lenningen fjellstue.


Svarthamar starting point

The trip to this place is wonderful in itself, through a beautiful highland with many opportunities for hiking and biking. Svarthamar is an old mountain farm at the border of the national park and is a great starting point for summer visits. You can spend the night in your tent or in the DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association) self-service cabin. From here you can head east through the woods of Storlægeret Protected Landscape, with its interesting history of mountain farming and Second World War partisan activities, or go northeast over the mountain towards Liomseter. Road closed in winter.


Storeskag starting point

If Mt. Langsua is the queen, Mt. Skaget is the king and highest peak (1685 m.a.s.l.) of Langsua National Park. From the distance, it has the profile of a sleeping giant’s head. From its peak the view is just fantastic. At the foot of Mt. Skaget, the pictoresque Storeskag mountain farm have a long history back to prehistoric times. From the start- and information point here, at road’s end, you can hike along the short national park nature trail, climb Mt. Skaget, or head off on the several DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association) trails that starts here. You can stay overnight in the DNT self-service cabin or bring your own accommodation. Starting point moved back to Selstølshøgda parking in winter.

Hikers at Olavsbu.

Bjødnhølen starting point on the Jotunheimvegen road

Lake Vinstern offers a very special and magnificent landscape. The mix of nature and culture make a strong impression, and Langsua National Park is only a short walk to the south of the dam. Mt. Skaget towers in the distance. From here, you can hike up to the top of the small Mt. Keisaren, cycle along the Jotunheimvegen road or try your luck at fishing. This is also a place where you can start your trip along DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association) trails into the park. Road closed in winter.

Veslefjell starting point on the Jotunheimvegen road

From here, you have a magnificent view overlooking Langsua National Park, Hersjømyrin Nature Reserve and Espedalen Protected Landscape. This is a birder’s spot, so learn about bird silhouettes from drawings on the ground, or head up to Falkgfangerhøgda to see the restored falcon catcher’s cabin. No hiking trails lead out from this starting point, but why not go for a bike ride along the Jotunheimvegen road. Road closed in winter.

Hikers at Olavsbu.

Storhøliseter starting point

The poet Theodor Caspari spent a lot of time here, and it inspired him to poetry with a strong environmental message. A bust of him has been erected in front of the DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association) self-service cabin. From here, you can climb Mt. Storhøpiggen for a marvelous view, hike south towards the national park, or maybe try your luck at fishing in the river. Road closed in winter.


 Verksodden starting point

This starting and information point is located right next to the county road (fv. 255), between the two lakes in beautiful Espedalen valley. The industrial history of a former mining village can be seen through the remnants of an old smelting furnace and more. This is a great starting point for both summer and winter trips into Espedalen Protected Landscape and Langsua National Park further in. Or just stay in this beautiful valley and enjoy fishing and canoeing, or hiking and biking along the lakes. Espedalen Mountain Lodge is also located here.

Hikers at Olavsbu.

Lake Revsjøen starting point

This starting point is situated far into the mountain, at roads end on the border of Langsua National Park. The road leading there runs through a wide open mountain landscape in Espedalen Protected Landscape. The Revsjøveien toll road is splendid for cycling, but you can also start your trip on the DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association) trails at the starting point. In winter the starting point is moved back to Synstgardseter parking, just up from the valley.