Travel and Accommodation

There are many hotels, mountain lodges and cabins to choose from in the areas around Langsua National Park. The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) is well represented with cabins both inside and outside the park. Also cabins for rent are easily available. Another alternative is to bring your own tent.


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Langsua National Park – Management
Vestringsvegen 4, Segalstad bru
2651 Østre Gausdal, Norway
Tlf. +47 416 77 672 / 481 97 979



Title Address Description
Langsua nasjonalpark
Langsua nasjonalpark, 2653, Gausdal, Norge
Røsstøladn 1, 2953 Beitostølen,
Slangen seter
Slangslivegen 272, 2643 Skåbu,
Ruten fjellstue
Espedalsvegen 2420, 2658 Espedalen,
Dalseter høyfjellshotell
Espedalsvegen 2346, 2658 Espedalen,
Espedalen fjellstue
Venlivegen 17, 2658 Espedalen,
Strand fjellstue
Strandsetervegen 3, 2658 Espedalen,
Spåtind sport hotell
Synnfjellvegen 1879, 2880 Nord-torpa,
Lenningen fjellstue
Fv204 78, 2890 Etnedal,
Steinsetbygdvegen 2233, 2890 Etnedal,
Vølbusvegen 25, 2940 Heggenes,
Bygdinvegen 3738, 2953 Beitostølen,
Unnamed Road, 2653 Vestre Gausdal,
7Q56+V2 Gausdal,
Haldorbue 2, 2940 Heggenes,
2657 Svatsum,
Øyvassosvegen 576, 2658 Espedalen,
Svarthamarvegen 2645, 2890 Etnedal,
Fv204 1, 2653 Vestre Gausdal,
Storhølivegen 660, 2643 Skåbu,
Åpen bu (1)
Åpen bu (2)
6X9M+5V Aulstad,
Åpen bu (3)
2657 Svatsum,
Åpen bu (4)
8HMG+M9 Espedalen,
Åpen bu (5)
6XR6+9M Aulstad,
Åpen bu (6)
Åpen bu (7)
8GX5+W8 Espedalen,
Åpen bu (8)
Åpen bu (9)
7P6C+MC Gausdal,
Åpen bu (10)
5JHQ+JW Etnedal,
Åpen bu (11)
2653 Vestre Gausdal,
Åpen bu (12)
Åpen bu (13)
7RM4+PC Gausdal,
Åpen bu (14)
Åpen bu (15)
Åpen bu (16)
Åpen bu (17)
Utleiehytte (18)
Utleiehytte (19)
Utleiehytte (20)
Utleiehytte (21)
Utleiehytte (22)
Utleiehytte (23)
Utleiehytte (24)
6RC5+3G Gausdal,
Utleiehytte (25)
8HMG+GF Espedalen,
Utleiehytte (26)
Utleiehytte (27)
6WG5+35 Gausdal,
Utleiehytte (28)
Utleiehytte (29)
5JHQ+JW Etnedal,
Utleiehytte (30)
Utleiehytte (31)
Utleiehytte (32)
5P37+GM Nordre Land,
Utleiehytte (33)
4JF3+RJ Etnedal,
Utleiehytte (34)
Utleiehytte (35)
4PF9+VQ Nordre Land,
Åpen bu (36)
5W3R+P6 Nordre Land,
Åpen bu (37)
6QGC+JJ Gausdal,
Utleiehytte (38)
5HFJ+PX Etnedal,
Utleiehytte (39)
Langsua is centrally located in the eastern part of Norway. During the summer months, you will find many idyllic mountain roads that lead right up to the national park border. In winter, the area is less accessible, and long approaches on skis or snowshoes are the only means for visitors to reach the national park.


Hotels and lodges near Langsua National Park can be found in Espedalen valley and nearby Skåbu village to the northeast, at Lake Vinstre to the north, in Beitostølen village and Øystre Slidre valley to the west, and at Lenningen on county road 2442 and Synnfjell to the south. There is a wide range of accommodation to choose from, and most are open all year round.

More information at Visit Lillehammer and Visit Valdres.

Picture of Strand Fjellstue

Cabins in and around Langsua

The mountain boards, landowner organizations and private individuals rent out simple cabins that are beautifully located in or just outside the protected areas. These cabins can be booked for short or longer periods at

The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT)

The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) has eight cabins scattered throughout the Langsua National Park area. You can have a look at all their cabins at Liomseter lodge in Dokkfaret Protected Landscape in the middle of the national park is their only serviced (staffed) cabin.

Getting here

By public transportation Take a bus to Dokka, Fagernes or Beitostølen to the west side, or train/bus to Lillehammer or Vinstra to the east. From there, it might be necessary to hire a taxi or rent a car, or bring your bicycle, for the final stretch. Read more at Innlandstrafikk, Vy og NOR-WAY Bussekspress. By car Mountain roads bring you all the way to the national park border in the summer months, from late May/early June on, until the first heavy snowfall closes the roads in late fall. All mountain roads are toll roads and most are physically closed with a toll bar. They are payable by cash, card, cell phone or other means at the entrance. By bicycle Biking the mountain roads is a wonderful experience. Winding dirt roads that offer both spectacular views and picturesque close ups. Biking on the toll roads are free.